Contributions Of Community Pharmacies Health And Social Care Essay

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In the United Kingdom, the parts of community pharmaceuticss to public wellness have non been clearly defined. As a effect they are non routinely integrated into the work of the wider public wellness household. Whilst it is ill-defined why this should be, it has been acknowledged that they have the potency of playing a important function in protecting and bettering population wellness, placing forms of disease and supplying wellness and societal surveillance information to public wellness organic structures ( Department of Health 2005a ; RPSGB 2003 ) .

The function of the community pharmaceutics in public wellness remains to be to the full exploited, even though they have been progressively involved in wellness betterment activities such as services aimed at smoking surcease, sexual wellness and substance abuse services, etc, as laid out in the contractual model for community pharmaceuticss ( DOH 2005b ) . An of import country of public wellness where community pharmaceuticss have been least involved is in wellness protection, and they have the potencies of complementing present attempts in surveillance of infective diseases and supplying support to affected population during an eruption.

In Wales, wellness protection is one of the cardinal duties of the Public Health Wales ( PHW ) Health Protection unit and the Catching Disease Surveillance Centre ( CDSC ) is the arm responsible for surveillance of infective diseases, support for outbreak probes and proviso of wellness intelligence and applied research ( NPHS Wales, 2007 ) .

Soon, there are no enterprises or policies to officially prosecute the wellness protection unit of the Public Health Wales and community pharmaceuticss to work together on wellness protection whereby everyday intelligence and surveillance information are exchanged ( NPHS Wales, 2007 ) . These surveillances information could be in signifier of supervising tendencies of nonprescription ( OTC ) gross revenues informations ( e.g anti-diarrhoeal, anti-fungal, cold and cough redresss, etc. ) to observe eruptions, and routinely supplying community pharmaceuticss with eruptions and surveillance studies to enable them supply support to affected population.

Policy Framework Analysis: In order to accomplish a successful policy alteration, a prospective policy analysis of the issue at manus ( Analysis for policy ) , which is iterative and dynamic will be undertaken ( Buse. 2005 ) . The diagram below high spots the different facets of the policy analysis and is explained in inside informations under the policy headings – content, context, histrions and procedure.

Need for alteration ( Policy Content ) :

There is a demand to germinate the functions of the wellness protection units and CDSC of PHW to include everyday communicating with community pharmaceuticss in order to better their effectivity in surveillance and sensing of infective diseases eruptions and protection of population wellness in Wales. This formal battle of community pharmaceuticss with the PHW Health Protection unit is of import as a consequence of increasing cognition and consciousness of its possible benefits.

During the eruption of E. Coli O157 in South Wales in September 2005 which affected about 150 people ( with 1 decease recorded ) , the pharmaceutics squad of the so NPHS Wales noted anecdotal studies that community druggists had been consulted with respects to the sale of anti-diarrhoeal readyings ( Walker 2009 ) . Besides during the eruption of viral pinkeye in South Wales in August 2006, GPs and community pharmaceuticss were advised against the usage of ophthalmic Chloromycetin and there was grounds of public wellness protection by those pharmaceuticss that acted on the advice ( Hinchliffe and Walker 2008 ) . These are arrows to the fact that community pharmaceuticss can play a important function in public wellness protection.

Policy Context ;

Public or authorities policy has been described as a determination that a authorities decides or decides non to do ( Dye 2001 ) . In the current political context in Wales since degeneration in 1999, the WAG has adopted the “ citizens ‘ theoretical account ” of wellness service bringing where the populace have rights and duties in both having wellness services, and guaranting handiness of the services to everyone ( Welsh Assembly Government 2004 ; Beecham Report 2006 ) .

Therefore, the current policy environment in Wales can be said to be pluralist and the major contextual factors asking a demand for alteration at this point in clip are structural and endogenous in nature. These include the acknowledgment by the UK Department of Health ( 2005a ) that community pharmaceuticss are untapped resources in protecting public wellness and the committednesss of the Welsh Assembly Government in its One Wales a progressive docket for the authorities of Wales, which aims to protect the wellness of the population with one of its wellness precedences of beef uping public wellness services ( Welsh Assembly Government 2007 ) .

Furthermore, improved electronic connectivity in community pharmaceuticss ( RPSGB, 2008 ) will let for easy and speedy transmittal and reception of informations and information for surveillance activities. Last, addition in the cognition that early sensing and control of infective diseases outbreaks in the population through an efficient surveillance system significantly reduces its load on the wellness of the population and saves costs of intervention and infirmary admittance, therefore bettering public assurance in the authorities.

Policy Stakeholders ( Actors ) :

This measure involves placing the policy histrions and understanding their place and involvements with regard to the issue of affecting community pharmaceuticss in PHW ‘s wellness protection ( Buse, 2005 ) . This is of import in order to accomplish alteration and guarantee its successful execution and sustainability.

Welsh Assembly Government: Is a cardinal stakeholder in doing and implementing the policy by presenting the policy instrument in the signifier of an official statement and/or ordinance. The undermentioned histrions in the WAG include:

The Department of Health and Social Services: oversees all wellness related maps in Wales including “ reding the Welsh Assembly Government in puting policies and schemes for wellness and societal attention in Wales ” ( Welsh Assembly Government, 2010a ) and is cardinal in decision-making with respects to the policy and presenting the policy instrument on behalf of the authorities.

The Department of Public Health and Health Professions ( DPHHP ) : headed by the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, reports to the Department of Health and Social Services and has the aim of protecting the wellness of the peoples and being prepared for wellness exigencies ( WAG 2010b ) .

Chief Health Professionals: including the main medical officer, main pharmaceutical advisor and others who provide expert cognition in public wellness and related specializer countries to the WAG and other external organic structures to protect and better public wellness.

Public Health Wales ( PHW ) : In October 2009, the new NHS trust established by the WAG became operational, integrating the maps and services provided by the NPHS Wales, Wales Centre for Health ( WCfH ) , WCISU and the Screening Services Wales. PHW is to supply resources, advice and information to the WAG, and all Wales NHS Trusts, Local Health boards, etc, enabling them to transport out their statutory public Health maps ( Public Health Wales 2009 ) . Its Health protection unit has as one of its strategic ends to cut down the impact of infective diseases and exigencies in the population and delivers this through its Health Protection Teams and the Centre for Communicable Diseases Surveillance ( CCDS ) among others ( NPHS Wales, 2007 ) . The PHW is a cardinal histrion in accomplishing successful policy alterations since they will be straight involved in the execution of the policy.

Public Health Consultants in Wales: including Advisers in Catching Diseases and Control would be portion of the policy alteration procedure in obtaining experts inputs in their assorted specialised Fieldss, and most particularly pharmaceutical public wellness advisers would be chief advocators and innovators of the policy alteration.

Community Pharmacy Wales ( CPW ) : is the local pattern forum for Wales and is possibly the most important stakeholder as community pharmaceuticss are at the other terminal of the spectrum for execution and the policy alteration affects them straight and the manner they operate. CPW represents the involvements of the over 700 community pharmaceuticss in Wales and are recognized by the WAG as the negociating organic structure on behalf of pharmaceutics contractors, taking the function from the PSNC ‘s Welsh commission following degeneration ( CPW, [ no day of the month ] ) .

Nation-wide Chain Pharmacy Stores: These are peculiarly of import stakeholders since their operations p across the different UK states and are likely to hold an integrated IT system for staff and information direction. Their positions are of import since they represent a big ball of community pharmaceuticss, for illustration in Wales of the 714 community pharmaceuticss, 91 are owned by Boots ( Walker 2009 ) .

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain ( RPSGB ) : is the regulative and professional organic structure for druggists and pharmaceutics technicians in the Britain with primary aims “ to take, modulate, develop and stand for the profession of pharmaceutics ” ( RPSGB, 2010a ) . Since more than half of the over 2300 druggists in Wales work in the community ( RPSGB, 2010b ) , the RPSGB is an of import histrion in stand foring their involvements and in guaranting that the policy is successfully made and implemented.

The Welsh Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education ( WCPPE ) : is an operational unit of the Welsh School of pharmaceutics, Cardiff University and provides go oning professional development chances ( CPD ) for the pharmaceutics squad in Wales ( WCPPE, 2010 ) . The WCPPE is of import as a policy histrion in fashioning and supplying a CPD programme for community druggists in Wales as a portion of the policy execution procedure in guaranting its success and continuity/sustainability.

Faculty of Public Health ( FPH ) : in the UK is the organic structure that sets criterions for public wellness specializers and purposes to advance promotions in public wellness cognition and keep the highest degree of professional criterions ( FPH, 2010 ) . The FPH is a major advocator for public wellness in the UK and hammering an effectual partnership with it in pursing this policy alteration is important for puting the policy on the docket and guaranting that it remains there up till its execution and rating.

National Pharmacy Association ( NPA ) : is the trade association for community pharmaceuticss in the UK and aims to stand for, support and protect their involvements ( NPA, 2010 ) . The NPA is a potentially of import histrion in the policy procedure since their place can do or impair the execution of the policy.

The Media: Is an first-class agencies of acquiring the issue on the docket and in puting the ball turn overing for treatments among different histrions ( Buse et al 2005 ) . The advocates of the policy alteration may use a sponsored intelligence docudrama particularly foregrounding past effects of eruptions ( including human deaths ) and ways in which the community pharmaceuticss could hold provided of import surveillance information to the PHW and the populace and intervened to supply support to affected population.

Other Stakeholders will include:

Welsh Medicines Resource Centre ( WeMeReC )

Local Health Boards in Wales

Board of Community Health Council in Wales

The Media

The Welsh Office of Research and Development for Heath and Social Care ( WORD )

As a portion of the policy analysis model, after placing the political histrions, measuring their political powers and measuring their involvements, places and committednesss ( Buse et al, 2005 ) , an abridged stakeholder analysis and sum-up of their power distribution is shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Stakeholder Analysis ( Varvasovszky and Brugha, ( 2000 ) :


Against ( Opposition )


Welsh Assembly Government ( WAG )

Community Pharmacy Wales ( CPW )

Welsh Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education ( WCPPE )

Public Health Wales ( PHW )

National Pharmacy Association ( NPA )


Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain ( RPSGB )



Faculty of Public Health ( FPH )

Nation-wide Pharmacy Stores, e.g. Boots Pharmacy

Board of Community Health Council in Wales

Advisers of Public Health in Wales

Local Health Boards in Wales


Policy Procedure

Despite the pluralist nature of the political system in Wales, Luke ‘s first dimension of power may non capture the full scope of relationships that exists, while his 2nd dimension of power may be utile in explicating the docket puting procedure ( Buse et al. 2005 ) since different policy histrions all have changing powers to protect their involvements. Policy alteration here would use the incrementalist attack which would affect “ puddling through ” the policy position quo which will include a new function for the Public Health Wales ( i.e. everyday communicating of surveillance information with community pharmaceuticss ) and community pharmaceuticss ( i.e. supplying OTC gross revenues informations to PHW ) .

The four-staged ( additive ) policy procedure – docket scene, policy preparation, policy execution and policy rating, provides a utile heuristic device ( Stages Heuristics ) which is utile in explicating the policy procedure, even though it is a cyclical procedure in world ( Hogwood and Gunn 1984 ) .

Agenda Setting: Introducing this policy alteration onto the WAG docket may non be achieved following the “ politics-as-usual ” attack where the WAG comes to find and acknowledge that there is a major issue to be addressed ( Buse et al. 2005 ) . The Hall ‘s theoretical account ( 1975 ) cited in Buse et Al ( 2005 ) will be of import in conveying the issue to the attending of the WAG since its legitimacy, feasibleness and support can be deemed as high and pursued by the histrions:

Legitimacy ; Expanding the function of community pharmaceuticss to complement current attempts at public wellness protection and affecting them to supply support to affected population after an eruption is a legitimate end in footings of presenting the WAG aim of wellness protection. It is besides underpinned by several studies ( DOH 2005a, RPSGB 2003 ) recommending more engagement of community pharmaceuticss in wellness protection.

Feasibility ; Achieving the policy alteration will supply a platform at maximising available resources for wellness protection as the policy alteration will non necessitate any major extra fiscal and human resources in footings of chance costs. It involves spread outing the duties of the PHW wellness protection squads to routinely pass oning with community pharmaceuticss in their local governments and analyzing informations obtained from them as portion of surveillance. It is extremely executable, maximizes finite human and fiscal resources of authorities.

Support ; A possible challenge in the policy procedure is acquiring equal support particularly from community pharmaceuticss and their different organic structures. Since its non portion of the contractual model of community pharmaceuticss and no commercial wagess, community pharmaceuticss may look non concerted. However, this challenge can be addressed by equal protagonism and lobbying with the pharmaceutics groups ( CPW, NPA, RPSGB ) and guaranting that support is obtained. From the authorities position, support from the public wellness advisers and civil retainers ( curate, managers, etc. ) would be sought after by the pharmaceutical public wellness advisers and spouses recommending for the alteration.

Public Health Consultants in Wales, in peculiar pharmaceutical public wellness advisers would be the title-holder of the policy alteration by first accepting the demand for alteration and propagating the message particularly through the media. Health Protection Unit of the PHW who are a portion of the policy implementers would be involved in this early phase to guarantee their support, while other parts of the PHW including the Public Health Strategic Management Group would be carried along.

Community pharmaceuticss on the other manus may turn out hard ab initio, but strong protagonism and usage of political resources available particularly through the RPSGB would guarantee cooperation. Advocacy by druggists and advisers working within PHW to the RPSGB, CPW and NPA and the usage of informal meetings and formal unit of ammunition table treatments between these stakeholders will guarantee support. The support of the FPH would be required since it plays a important function in protagonism for public wellness policy alteration ( FPH, 2010 ) .

Policy Formulation

Once the issue gets on the authorities docket, a series of complex activities takes topographic point within the policy web ( procedure and histrions ) , with the histrions exerting their political powers and resources to prosecute their involvements in the policy.

The usage of public audience is a tool often used by the WAG ( Strategic Policy Unit ) in policy devising procedures, which would convey the policy web together to consider and supply proficient information on the policy. At this phase and based on dialogues, the concluding inside informations and accommodations of the policy alteration would be made before it is formulated. Policy preparation takes topographic point by passage of the policy through an appropriate policy instrument which in this instance may be done through the issue of an official policy statement/circular by the Minister of Health and Social Services.

This policy so flows down the hierarchy of the civil service and NHS to the PHW which so implements it. Community pharmacies either through the CPW, RPSGB and/or NPA will besides publish policy statements to all its members to move as appropriate with the PHW.

Further reappraisals and treatments at a ulterior clip during and after ratings have been carried out may so take to farther dialogue and determination on whether or non to include the policy in the community pharmaceutics contractual model.

Policy Execution

Execution is the most of import facet of the policy procedure since it is where alteration is expected to happen. Using the “ Bottom-Up ” attack would affect the implementers ; in this instance the PHW Health Protection Unit and community pharmaceuticss ( CPW ) , to interact in the political procedure of execution ( Buse, 2005 ) . Conflicts are bound to originate during execution but it is of import in placing challenges and supplying feedbacks for rating and for alteration of attack.

The “ Top-down ” attack to policy execution would be used to sketch the administrative and managerial facets including sketching ends and schemes, and delegating quantitative marks to guarantee that the policy bringing can be monitored and evaluated to place countries for betterment.

Execution of the policy may merely bring forth a fringy incremental alteration which is easy to supervise and requires really small human and fiscal resources. Successful execution is an iterative procedure which and requires regular inputs and active engagement of the members of the policy web. This can be achieved through a regular stakeholders ‘ forum for treatments, suggestions and ratings.

One other of import facet of the execution is to include wellness protection as a Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) programme for community pharmaceuticss. This facet would affect the RPSGB and WCPPE, guaranting sustainability of the alteration and can be achieved through active protagonism.

Policy Evaluation

Evaluation in a policy procedure is iterative and may be done at any phase of the policy procedure in order to measure the degrees of advancement that has been made. Formative rating of the policy will be carried out during the policy docket scene, preparation and execution phases to modify and develop the concluding policy in order to suit the positions of differing powerful histrions. Summational ratings on the other manus would be focussed to mensurate the degree of impacts of early sensing of infective diseases outbreak achieved by the policy alteration over a period of clip ( Buse et al, 2005 ) .

Evaluation of the policy may include the usage of epidemiological surveies such as ecological and instance control surveies to measure the effectivity of observing eruptions of infective diseases as a consequence of affecting community pharmaceuticss in surveillance in comparing with other countries of the UK. It involves the aggregation and usage of qualitative and quantitative informations to measure the effectivity of the policy alteration. The usage of the Donabedian ‘s Structure-Process-Outcome Model to gestate the policy rating is described in table 2 below.

Donabedian Framework for Policy Evaluation


Administrative/Managerial Components

Number of PHW Health Protection Teams and Community Pharmacies involved

Use of IT resources


Early sensing of eruptions by community pharmaceuticss taking to reduced load of infective diseases

Reduced burden/morbidity of infective diseases in the population


Routine ( Weekly or Monthly ) communicating and exchange of wellness protection studies and infection diseases surveillance informations

Actions taken by community pharmaceuticss to back up affected population

Whether or non Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) on wellness protection has been introduced to community pharmaceuticss

End product

Sum of eruptions detected through usage of community pharmaceuticss surveillance informations

Sum of outbreak instances handled by community pharmaceuticss ( referrals and actions taken )

Number of community pharmaceuticss taking the CPD on wellness protection


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