Shareholder Wealth Maximisation

SHAREHOLDER WEALTH MAXIMISATION: SUMMARY ‘Business Finance’ assumes that the objective of a company is to maximise shareholder wealth. This means that companies should attempt to maximise the value of the shareholders’ investment in the company. This is achieved by maximising ‘Total Shareholder Returns’: dividends and share price appreciation. The most powerful basis for understanding and […]

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My First Car gave me a wealth of experiences

In the life of each American, one of the important points that symbol coming of age is the purchase of the first vehicle. This car becomes the starting points of one’s adulthood, giving one the freedom to move around, pick up friends, and expanding the boundaries of one’s environment. My first car gave me a […]

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Beauty and Other Deep Superficial Desires

In our affluent society, we can be said to have everything: our work is not backbreaking. In fact, working conditions are good, and many of us strive to do good work. Technology has advanced so far that we are living longer and better lives. We have come to address many social ills, such as poverty […]

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The Movie Antz Compared To Real World Political Systems

In the movie Antz, the colony’s government was set up with the Queen as the supreme ruler over the entire colony. All decisions for life in the colony were made by the Queen. All ants were required to work together for the greater good of the colony. Ants were not allowed free thought or to […]

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