Paul Michel Foucault, a French Philosopher

Table of contents Michel Foucault, generally in his philosophy, has created a system wherein he examines the relations of power as they are transmuted down in a society (not one that it is held by individuals—and, indeed, it is not so perpetuated), wherein the refinement of discourse over time allows for the normalization of behaviors and then that individuals […]

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Justice Is Under Threat in the Risk Society’, Is Barbara Hudson Right to Argue This?

‘Justice is under threat in the risk society’, is Barbara Hudson right to argue this? In the UK the state advised what it expects of us and in response to this gives us laws that we are not legitimate to disobey. We currently live in a de facto and de jure state where no one […]

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Operant Conditioning Essay

Learning can be defined as any process that leads to a relatively permanent and potential change in behaviour. The term behaviorism refers to the school of psychology founded by John B. Watson based on the belief that behaviors can be measured, trained, and changed. Behavioural theories are all based upon the idea that all behaviours […]

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Administrative Policy

The case of Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Eldridge are different in nature. Mrs. Kelly is fighting for her welfare benefits, while Mr. Eldridge is fighting for his disability benefit. Under the same point, they are both claiming that the terminations of their benefits were made without giving them the opportunity to undergo a “pre-evidentiary hearing”, […]

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Women Safety

Being in the 21st century, with technology and world so advanced, we still talk about this subject, “Are Women Safe, in India, especially? ” With surveys and understandings of what is happening around us, it is time that the country joins hands together to realize that – ‘Women are NOT SAFE in any means in […]

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Transportation – Victorian Crime and Punishment

Since the 1660’s, the British government had been ridding Britain of rebels and criminals they no longer wanted in the country. This method of punishment was typically known as transportation. This involved sending the convicts to another country to commit hard labour and to live in deserved difficult conditions. Since the 1660s, the main transportation […]

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Non-violent Methods are Better Way of Training Children

As we know, physical punishment has always been an effective way for training animals. Once they become wild, flinging the whip is what we do to make them being well-behaved. However, does it work for training children? Are their behaviors all get better and better after that? In my point of view, I strongly object […]

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Positive Guidance

Positive Guidance and Discipline In Classrooms There is a difference in guidance and discipline. Discipline involves teaching and learning. It also comes from the root word “disciple” which means a pupil, a follower, or a learner. Guidance is an attempt to change behavior by leading, directing, teaching, and advising. But the two have a connection. […]

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Why People Lie?

Can you remember the last time someone lied to you or you did to someone? Even though lying is morally wrong, people lie every day for many reasons. It is all around us that never stops. It is quite common and comes naturally to human beings. There are many kinds of lies. It may be […]

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