Continental Drift

Continental Drift, why True? Continental drift is the process of large mass of land and rocks unceasingly moving for a long period of time, which can be explained by what is called “Plate Tectonics”. Due to the fact that continental drift is a theory, there is evidence and other sets of statements to back it […]

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Supporting Life: Earth’s Surface and Landforms

The Lesson Activities will help you meet these educational goals: Science Inquiry—You will conduct online research related to a series of photographs, develop hypotheses, and communicate your findings in written form. STEM—You will analyze real-world data to gain insight into careers in Earth Science and Geology. 21st Century Skills—You will employ online tools for research […]

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In earth science they talk a lot about different Earthquakes, volcanoes, the weather, different rocks, and etc. But never did you really get in details of what is any of them. Well I did research and found out that an earthquake which is also known as a quake, tremor or temblor is a result of […]

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Maps of Geology

There are different phenomena happening in the earth’s crust and some of those are the occurrence of folds and faults. Both phenomena are caused by forces like tension and compression. Folds are bends in the rock surfaces while Faults are fractures in the earth’s crust which allows blocks of rocks to move relative to one […]

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Earthquakes result

Earthquakes result from disturbance in the outer layer of the Earth. This causes the vibration of the Earth’s surface. Another reason for the occurrence of earthquakes is the sudden release of energy that had been dormant in the core of the Earth. This energy creates strain in the rocks, subsequently; it is transferred in the […]

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Western states

1. Earthquakes occur in various part of United States. The earthquakes that occurred across the country ranges in magnitude and the date of occurrences. Earthquake with highest magnitude that was recorded in history occurred in Alaska while the one with lowest magnitude occurred in the Idaho area of United States. From the national seismic hazard […]

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Lake: Ocean and Lakes

A lake is a body of relatively still water of considerable size, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land apart from a river, stream, or other form of moving water that serves to feed or drain the lake. Lakes are inland and not part of the ocean and therefore are distinct from lagoons, […]

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Building Rock Types in Nottingham City Centre

The purpose of this investigation is to identify and visually examine the various rock types used in Nottingham city centre buildings. Table 1. General information Question Answer Briefly explain why the rock types used in the buildings are given specific, local names (e.g. “Ancaster Stone”, “Bulwell Stone” and “Portland Stone” are three different types of […]

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How was the UK formed? How the geographical formation of Great Britain took shape

Table of contents Introduction Over millions of years, the earth has changed geologically in so many ways, over a period of eras and a number of periods in each era. During each era continents collided and moved due to tectonic plate movements. Seas levels fell and rose over millions of years depositing different types of […]

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Plate tectonic press release

For many years people always called southern California Americas Promised Land because of Its beautiful weather, beaches and Its film industry. Now with 13 million habitants it’s been looked at as hazard city. “Not only does the San Andrea Fault, marking the conservative margin between the Pacific and North American plates, cross Southern California, but […]

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