Thinking Skills

Eric Garner Thinking Skills Using Your Brain in the Information Age Download free ebooks at bookboon. com 2 Thinking Skills: Using Your Brain in the Information Age © 2012 Eric Garner & Ventus Publishing ApS ISBN 978-87-7681-966-8 Download free ebooks at bookboon. com 3 Thinking Skills Contents Contents Preface 9 1 What Are Thinking Skills? […]

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Roger Sperry

Table of contents Born August 20, 1913, Roger W. Sperry, won the 1981 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine. He shared it with two other scientists, Wiesel and Hubel, for research on the nervous system and brain. They were praised for demonstrating the difference between the two hemispheres of the brain and special functions of […]

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Adrienne Rich

This essay will present the motif of the mapmaker in Adrienne Rich’s book Atlas of the Difficult World.  The themes throughout the book will be extolled in this essay and dissected through the theme of this subject brought together through metaphor, concrete imagery and the allusion to place as well as destination which Rich suggests […]

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Table of contents Self-actualization is a part of our nature that helps us to become better people, by expanding our creativity, and making our experiences much more intense. It is usual for us to hear someone say that, “I quit. I cannot do this anymore. ” Some people do so because they are tired of […]

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Barbara Jordan Narrative Essay

Barbara Jordan uses many repetitions in her speech (e. g. we believe-we believe), symbolism (Barbara Jordan symbolizes the discriminated Black people), enumeration (e. g. race, sex, economic condition), climax (e. g. from cynical to angry to frustrated), Anaphora (e. g. we are a people.. ), parallelism ( But there is something different about tonight. There […]

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Topic civil war

This is to analyze American Civil War based on James McPherson’s For Cause and Comrades and Sam Watkins Company Aytch, by knowing what were the most important factors that led men to join and stay with the armies. This paper will also consider the ways in which those reasons differed between North and South, and […]

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Babysitting for Sociology

Over the past seven years I have come to learn many different things about myself and about children due to babysitting. I first started babysitting when I was a about eleven years of age. I started off by watching my younger brothers when my parents went out at night. That affected my biological rhythm (274). […]

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Brain food to Boost your Exam Scores

Table of contents Well all know that completing a long exam can feel like running a mental marathon, but did you know that what you eat and drink can affect your exam performanceWell it’s true – certain foods have been scientifically proven to improve your energy levels, concentration rate and overall brain power; sounds exactly […]

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Fashion Psychology

Table of contents The yon notion of dressing up can be defined as an action done by humans to cover naturism. Social forces pressure people to interact, behave, or think in certain ways. The way people dress influences their daily lifestyle, in their small circles and even in the wider society. Is the only purpose […]

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