President Buddha

Buddhism states that Amitabha did not in fact create the world; this is because the world is so impure and detestable and Amitabha is far superior and perfect to ever have created the world. In a government run by this Buddhist belief it would be a continuous effort being made to reiterate the fact that […]

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Buddhist protestant

At first glance, the Protestant and Buddhist religions do not appear to have much in common. However, some of the rituals observed in one have parallel rituals observed in the other. At the structural level, there are more comparisons than contrasts to be made. If the view is expanded to include the followers of each […]

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Buddhism (The Buddha)

The Buddha sought to show us how to overcome suffering by attaining Nibbana. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world today. Its history that now p some two and a half centuries began from the birth of its founder, Prince Siddhartha Gautama. Most scholars agree that Siddharta who became known as Buddha was […]

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Essay about Thesis Statement

My thesis is based on the colossal Buddha statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, which were destroyed by Taliban in March 2001. The Buddha statues at Bamiyan were of historical significance and were considered both as national and international heritage. I will provide in-depth information on those statues and their historical and cultural importance. There will be […]

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Buddhism: A Belief System

A belief system is a form of human spirituality which is accompanied symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural “god” or savior at the height if it. Belief systems are usually expressed through prayer, rituals, meditation, music and dance, among many other things. It also reflects cultural or ancestral traditions in modern-day. My belief […]

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Teachings of the Buddha

Buddhism is has always been considered a religion and a philosophy by its followers and believers. Its origin and widespread practice in Asia notwithstanding, Buddhism has been quite adaptive to many cultures that it has encountered. For centuries Buddhism practices had only been restricted to the Asian countries and although it exhibit variations in various […]

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The silk Road recording the journey

The Silk Road was a very interesting time in life time history. The silk Road was the world’s first superhighway not literally a single road it consisted of a good network of trade routes connecting China with Central Asia and lands beyond all the way to Rome. Goods were usually transported by larch Caravana it’s […]

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A Letter from Buddha to his Disciple

You have asked of me for help in how to heal your father of his sickness. I appreciate that your father is a good and righteous man and you are blessed to have had a good man for a father. But I cannot take away his pain. That is something that no one can really […]

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Buddha & religions

As we come to know it, there are five major religions in our world. For centuries, these five religions, namely Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism have dominated and influenced the world and its views in life, death, heaven, and earth. Now, the writer wishes to state on this paper the different key terms, main […]

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The Iconography of the Buddha Image

For the following report the concept of iconography in regard to the images of Buddha from the South Asia region (1-5 cc. A. D. ) is important. In general, iconography in art stands for studying the imagery or symbolism of the work of art; in regard to the Asian Buddha images, iconographical elements provide the […]

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