My Math Difficulties began with Pre-Algebra and Fractions

It was the summer before college when I had the best vacation in my life. I never had enjoyed any vacation since the past years. Too bad I became so pre-occupied with take pleasure in this escapement that I lost my penchant for learning. Summer was fast ending and I had to pack-up hastily and […]

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Mental Health Project

My initial reaction to the news would be one of worry and apprehension. I know that mentally ill people may be violent in some ways and that they may wander around the community and with my young child at home, the negative scenarios would be endless. On the other hand I know that mentally ill […]

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Aggression Theory

Physical violence is one of the types of violence that may be clearly explained theory. Physical violence entails: “choking, grabbing, hitting, hitting with weapons or objects, kicking, obliging a person to do something involuntarily, pulling, punching, pushing, scratching, shoving, slapping, etc.”  (Do.., n.d.). Aggression Theory Explaining the Type of Violence Chosen Externally-stimulated Aggression is the […]

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Working Adolescents

Whether an adolescent should be working during their high school years or not, one cannot be absolute with hiss answer.  These question can be best answered when one looks at its advantages and disadvantages, their workplace, nature of the job and number of hours should also  be considered. I do believe there is a place […]

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School Adjustment of Children from Divorced Families

The family is the basic unit of society where human beings are brought to life. It is considered a small society where children learn basic virtues. Therefore, the relationship between parents and children is very important for their growth and development. Through this relationship, children gain the virtues of trust, autonomy and initiative. Children also […]

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Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Alzheimer disease, the most common cause of old-age-associated dementia, accounts for over 50% of the dementias seen in the general adult population. Current projections indicate that over 4 million Americans will be suffering from various stages of the disease. Clinically, Alzheimer disease is characterized by a progressive deterioration of cognitive and physical status that sometimes […]

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Alcohol Use Disorders

The amount of written and published materials about alcohol and alcohol related disorders continue to grow everyday because the role of these written output is to chronicle how human society is moving forward alongside medical and psychological development that can handle the cases that come up in line with people and the psychological and mental […]

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