9/11 Attacks: Facts, Background & Impact

On September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were under attack by hijacked airplanes. Two hours later the Twin Towers collapsed and cause of death of 2,973 people and 24 were missing. Simultaneously two other aircraft were hijacked one hit the Pentagon and the other hit an open field. Which headed towards The White House in Washington, DC, according to the government. Part of the Pentagon was destroyed and this attacked cause for the whole entire country to go on “lockdown” no flies over to enter the state of New York and all access to transportation was canceled. No moving in or out of the state.  These attacks cause the whole nation to go into a panic.

I chose this topic because this topic may be very sensitive to multiple people throughout the generations right before this incident happened, these attacks happened. And I respect the people who have had a family member who died in their families and have lost people they love during these attacks but I certainly know that these attacks were not caused by terrorists. I, for some reason, feel like our government has been hiding way too much from us and we deserve to know the truth. I know that the government is behind 9/11 there are too many conspiracies do not believe that someone else caused it except them. I enjoy talking about this topic because it’s controversial and people are always debating about it and is always facts to be thrown so I’m on the hunt to find the real truth about what happened on 9/11.

Some questions I have about 9/11 are the following. What really happened to the planes during 9/11? Is the government behind 9/11 and why? Why did victims of these attacks here bombs instead of hearing the building crumble? Why were the buildings right before 9/11 happened to have been put insurance for the whole building if something were to happen? What happened to the plane that landed on the open field during 9/11? Why were the majority of the middle-class people there instead of the rich when the attacks happened? Why didn’t the Twin Towers collapse sideways like a regular building? Was it the government’s plan just to go after the oil in the places like Iran, Iraq, Syria, and multiple other places? I sometimes wonder if the truth will ever come out? Why aren’t all the files able to be checked and reevaluated to service closure for the families who have lost someone.

Upon starting my research, I found “9/11 – Anatomy of a Great Deception”, which is a documentary/movie and it will open anyone’s eyes who has ever doubted 9/11’s events. It will open your eyes and make you realize that the government was at fault. It helped me answer multiple questions that I wanted answers to. It also helped me gather much more information that will be useful in my research. Some questions I have about 9/11 is the following. Is the government behind 9/11 and why? I have answered this halfway saying that it was the government but the reason behind it is still unknown. Why did victims of these attacks here bombs instead of hearing the building crumble?

They were hearing bombs because they were bombs, they had been modernizing elevator that worked around the central beams and they took that time to install the bombs that happened in January around 9 months before the twin towers collapsed. Why were the majority of the middle class people there instead of the rich when the attacks happened? The majority of the middle class died because the government didn’t care that they lost the blood from their own citizens. Why didn’t the Twin Towers collapse sideways like a regular building? Why does the media shut you down when you try to get more answers about 9/11? They do it judging you and they tell you the average things that happened on that day.

Why aren’t all the files able to be checked and reevaluated to serve as closure for the families who have lost someone? This was only touched on because the families of the victims have no cause of death from the government. This was open the eyes for whoever was watching it and it did. I would recommend multiple people to watch it and hopefully they will pass it on like I did for them. Learning about what the government is hiding is scary but at the same time is interesting as in eye-opening. It could make you view the world differently and in so many ways.

As I continued to research, I discovered “Loose Change 9/11: A Film About September 11th”, which is a documentary/ movie about 9/11 and the way things didn’t add up about 9/11. The film exposes the inconsistencies and lies put forward by the Bush administration in the hours, days and weeks after 9/11. One topic they talked about was the plane (United Airlines Flight 93) crashing at Shanksville, PA. They touched upon how a surprisingly small amount of debris was found with some debris being eight miles away from the main crash site, the fact that the last three minutes of the cockpit voice recorder was erased, and the fact that officials in the Army and the Air Force had given interviews explaining how they ordered the plane to be shot down (Avery).

They lie that the government is telling us is so obvious it is like if a toddler were to lie and blame it on their imaginary friend. At 5:20 PM, Building 7 collapsed in 6.2 seconds into its own footprint at nearly freefall speed, barely damaging surrounding structures and creating a pyroclastic cloud, other buildings surrounding the Twin Towers sustained serious damage but did not collapse (Avery). Building 3, a 22 story building directly below the twin towers was split in half by the South Tower collapse but much of it remained standing and the nine-story Building 4 was almost completely destroyed but the remaining structure did not collapse (Avery).

Also, the Deutsche Bank Building and the Millennium Hotel sustained damage without collapse but building 7 had to collapse the exact same way that the twin towers fell which was made by the government to make them money. The nine-story Building 5 suffered from severe fires and structural damage but did not collapse and the eight-story Building 6 which was between the towers suffered a giant gouge on its roof and severe fires but it did not collapse (Avery). All of those building didn’t fall but three buildings came crashing down the same way and the reason because of this is so obvious they are lying. The lie that the government is hiding big enough to destroy and ruin families because it already did.

As I continued to venture into my research, I found this source called “Clayton Eshleman on 9/11 by Linh Dinh.” It is a poem and that is a fairly blunt and brutal awakening. The United States (US) government planned to invade Afghanistan for October by it was too low to initiate so they need nation support but it’s going to be a direct threat towards them. On September 10, there was a local Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent that met Bin Laden in Dubai but there was no record of arrest. Meanwhile, the United and American Airlines stock had a massive short sold who which was in the world trade center and another one was at the headquarter near wtc. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merrill Lynch.

In August 2001 a man name David Schippers, an attorney gave information to the FBI about hijackers such as their name, their targets and proposed date and etc. He also contacts Ashcroft by they never answer his calls or investigate his finding, instead, they threatened him if he went in public about his information of the hijackers. In the same day, there were Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which requires fighter jets to scramble and intercept under emergency conditions without white house permission. At around 9:30 am, pilot Payne Stewart, was flying the Learjet, failed to communicate back to control tower.

At September 11, flight 11 was off course at 8:20 am which cause SOP to initiate immediate notification and response but what they didn’t do is they didn’t inform North American Aerospace Defense Command about the emergence of flight 11. At 9:03 am, Flight #175 struck the South Tower after both Towers had been struck, President Bush was in school at Sarasota. There’s was more than 3000 casualties like more likely 8000 between the two building and Afghanistan that was in the plane. At the end of the poem, it talked about the Holocaust an comparing President Bush to Hitler. This comparison makes it feel what happened during 9/11 way more sinister because the Holocaust is such a horrible act that was committed and when it’s being compared it makes it way more obvious to the reader that something was going on in our government.

As I continued to research, I discovered “Inside Job! – 9/11 – Md. Asadullah” This source is another poem and it isn’t well written by the author of it but the questions they asked were interesting. In this poem it talks about the truth, why was the World Trade Center destroyed and how it is full of lies for blaming Islam when the at the Government is at fault. At the beginning of the poem, it explains to us how horrifying that day really was. I wonder how they were able to communicate with their loved ones at such a high altitude from the planes. Some families didn’t believe that it was their family members because of the way they are addressed because they knew that they didn’t their family members didn’t address themselves before they started to talk to them thru their voicemail.

It would be weird for anyone who you love and trust to say “Hello, this is Charlotte Fred, your daughter speaking,…” it is addressed to formally I think no one in that situation would address themselves like that during a hijacking in their plane they all sounded so calm and rehearsed as well which gives it an eerie feel. When the first tower fell no one observed the aspect of the tower actually falling just that it was and nothing else for the first couple of days maybe even weeks after the two towers fell. The poem talks about towers being sturdy and strong and standing erect and being how did the metal become so meted when jet fuel doesn’t reach up to the 2000 degrees, it only reaches up to the 1000 degrees.

The United States blames Islam for the terrorist attacks because the terrorist was of Islamic descent. Also, they were blamed for their religion and it caused racism brewing up in the united states because of it. There was a lot of discrimination toward Muslims and people who wore hijabs in public spaces. With that, there were people who quit wearing hijabs and to some, it gave them a reason to keep fighting and to wear them even more, even though they got discriminated but they wanted to keep fighting for their religion, culture, and they are proud of being Muslim or of that religion.

As I continued to research, deeper and deeper, I revealed a short story called “G&G | 9-11 Truth: A Story On the Verge of Breaking Through.” This short story tell about if President Bush knew what really happened in 9/11. Why is there so many cover up for the truth, why no one have fired anyone and asking so many questions that needs to be answer. They believe that the way how the World Trade Center, it seems like it was more like demolition not by the jet fuel. They also said that there must be someone from the inside that help destroy the world trade center. There was some research of three steel skyscrapers collapsing due to fire in a single day, but no buildings as ever collapsed due of fire for the past 100 years.

The building construction of the world trade center policy based on such erroneous engineering analysis is not likely to be correct either, which means that it will take more plane fuel to melt through all the melt part but in a letter of Kevin Ryan explain that those metals shouldn’t have melted. It will burn but not melt and collapse the whole building down. It will take a professional demolitions to really demolished both building in certain time. So finally they released the truth behind the World Trade Center, which turned to be a conspiracy theory. Such as 9/11 event it continues to serve as the justification for wildly escalating wars abroad and wildly escalating repression at home.

As inherited in the United States American people have to be free, fair and honest which makes the bring the truth of September 11 more hard to contain or release in public. Like the truth about Iraq, it’s now coming closer to the truth and half of the people in America believes that it shouldn’t have started. People believe a major events such as the world trade center has been keeping as a secret. They also start to believe that if administration lie about major events or critical life and death from war, they will also lie towards our own country from attacks.

While I started to conclude my research helped me elicit this short story from the rest. It is called “9/11, a Survivor’s Story • The Havok Journal.” This short story is about survivor from the World Trade Center name Dan Geraghty, he explained why did he survived. He first talked about the stuff before the horrific event that happened that he went through, from a perfect day to worse day of his whole life. He explained how it was his first day working at the World Trade Center.

How he would be working at tower 2 and etc. When he was about to head up and leave the train station he saw a businessman colorless and cover of ashes and he was scream a plane hit one of the twin towers. He thought it’s just crazy guy until he heard sirens going off everywhere as he exit the subway. He looked up and saw the north building on fire. He also saw a man jumped from the building which is very horrific to watch. After the second plane hit the other tower which he wasn’t able to see because he was the blindsided but could able to hear the impact. As he runs away he saw the news people and purposely went in front of the camera and starting screaming terrorist. He one lucky guy to lived because if he was on time and he was in the twin towers he would have died inside as well of the other 3000 people.

This is a really horrific experience and especially if you were going to work in that specific area that you ever wanted then it takes two things to ruined for you and everyone else. Like Dan Geraghty was so excited he have a wife and new job that he loves but it’s all gone. He almost lost this lady her life until a guy helped her up when she fell down, because he wanted to save this lady that fell but didn’t know what to do. He never got the name of the name to thank him for what he did, he was scared and in shock. Even if your military personnel it is difficult for anyone to save a life when it’s between yours and theirs. I personally think it was difficult for him because he had a wife and family to go back home to that he cared so much about. It’s hard to sacrifice your life for another when you are passed that time of your life after returning from the military.

My opinion on all of this is very clear and transparent. With the information I have amassed it is visible who to blame, but blaming isn’t enough. It has never been enough, you have to be influential and determined and you have to keep your background well hidden because the government will do anything to ruin your life if you expose them. Where the actions of 9/11 stand are the same place where it lands for aliens “top secret”. With the research I found I know that the government should be the one to blame because of the evidence that is compiled, it’s clear. With how the buildings fell, the way the thermite works, the way people heard explosions, the way everything was basically aligned to look like there was a terrorist attack, but it wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was man-made, it was planned out.

What I learned with my research is that I should not trust the government because they aren’t really there to protect the people they aren’t there to hold any justice or anything like, they are there for the people that are powerful and wealthy, they don’t care about whoever they have to step on to complete their task to make money. But this time didn’t just step on a couple people they stepped on thousands of people, their families, their friends, and so many people’s lives were lost because people wanted to make money. Even insurance was put on the buildings about 9 months prior to the fall of the buildings. I can’t even express the abundance of evidence is being thrown towards the government and everyone is oblivious. And the reason why so many people are oblivious to what happened on 9/11 is that the Government and Society conformed us to just settle for what happened and what happened was a lie, what they told us was a lie. It’s their fault and no one can tell me otherwise.

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